About Us

In the fall of 2002, two Brothers purchased 300+ acres in a Cumberland County, Kentucky valley known as Possum Hollow.  The farm had been used for growing tobacco since the start of prohibition during 1920.  Stories echo that every acre in the hollows, level enough to work became planted in tobacco.  Friends and relatives of the farm still remember two red mules named Luke and Red cultivating the fields.  During harvest, the barn filled from floor to ceiling with tobacco, drying.

In those early days, folks drove one mile in, up the only hard surface, Norris Branch Creek bed to reach the Old Farmhouse in Possum Hollow.  If one takes time to listen in Possum Hollow, the winds whisper messages to mindful souls.

During the spring seasons of 2003 and 2004, we planted our vineyards for Up the Creek Winery.  Construction of the Small Farm Winery began during the summer of 2005.  During the fall of 2006, we harvested our first grapes. 

Wildlife on the farm abounds, and all the animals love grapes.  Thus, Up the Creek Winery bottled its first commercially available wines from our 2010 harvest.

Today, we manage over 1,200 wine grapevines and 700 trellised blackberry and red raspberry bushes.  Our grape varietals include:
  • Golden Muscat, an American variety;
  • Chambourcin, a Hybrid variety;
  • Seyval Blanc, a Hybrid variety;
  • Vignoles, a Hybrid variety; and
  • Marquette, a Hybrid variety.

Good wine begins with good product.  In addition to our home grown grape and bramble products, we buy grape and fruit products from other Kentucky growers.  Our blueberries are grown organically by Brush Creek right up the street, still in Cumberland County; and we brew a wonderful blueberry wine!  Our Kentucky wines display a tobacco barn on the labels, signifying the winery's farm and the Commonwealth’s heritage.

Why choose Kentucky for growing wine grapes?  Did you know?
  • The first commercial vineyard and winery in the United States became established in Kentucky during 1799.  Named the First Vineyard, it rested alongside the Kentucky River just south of Lexington.
  • Kentucky became the leading wine producer in the nation by 1870.
  • Before prohibition, Kentucky ranked third in the nation for producing wine, behind California and Georgia.

History has reason.  Home to an ancient sea, our vineyard locations harbor well drained soils with dark slate, quartz like rock, fossils of shellfish and limestone.  These geological features trace similarities to several of the top wine grape growing regions of the world, including areas in Italy, Spain and France. 

Up the Creek Winery became Cumberland County, Kentucky's first winery.