New Release

Up the Creek Winery proudly announces the release of our 2013 blue blue blue, Kentucky Blueberry Wine.  We sold out quickly of our 2012.  So we made more of this fantastik and refreshing wine, now available on-line!  Buy a six pack (we pay the shipping) and share a bottle or two with friends.  Have a great day!
Up the Creek Winery is located in the heart of Cumberland County, Kentucky.  We planted our vineyards during the springs of 2003 and 2004.  Today, we manage over 1,100 wine grapevines and 1,000 trellised blackberry bushes. Our grape varietals include Golden Muscat (American variety); Chambourcin, Seyval Blanc and Vignoles (Hybrid varieties).

Home to an ancient sea, our vineyard locations harbor well drained soils with dark slate, quartz like rock, fossils of shellfish and limestone. These geological features trace similarities to several of the top wine grape growing regions of the world.  Our Kentucky wines display a tobacco barn on their labels, signifying the farm's and the Commonwealth's heritage.

In addition to home grown and local products, Up the Creek Winery procures wine juice stock from the Lake Erie Region in northwestern New York.  Our proudly Kentucky grown wine grapes and berry products, as well as wine juice from New York give Up the Creek Winery an excellent beginning to the wine making process, and making great wines!

A Small Farm Winery, we hand craft each wine at Up the Creek to ensure perfect balance and quality for your sipping pleasure