Notes from the vineyard

You’re looking at a summertime picture of our Old No. 9 vineyard.  The top three rows are Seyval Blanc grapes and the fifth row is Vignoles.  The fourth row is Marquette, a staple grape in our Burley Blend wines.  Our 2016 vintage Old No. 9 will be finished and released sometime between August and January upcoming.  For the first time, it will be a Blush wine.  That’s right, a blush wine using the same grapes.  We were able to go to Blush because among the Seyval Blanc are also growing four red grapevines (three Chancellors and one unknown).  Chancellor is a deep purple grape when ripe.  By adjusting our harvest and wine making work methods, we moved Old No. 9 to a Blush wine.  It’s beautiful and fantastic!  Hope you are as excited as we are.

Our Old No. 9 wine has always sold out within 6 months of being bottled.  That’s why we’re expanding the field.  If you look closely into the picture, you can see the extension of rows.  Cheers for now.

Enjoy the summer season!